CRWP helps people make connections

  CRWP believes it is important for community members to have opportunities to enjoy, connect with and care for our water. As such we offer a variety of events for people in our watershed to do just that through the following:


· Rain garden workshops teach families how you can reduce stormwater pollution and conserve water as well as beautify your property and provide habitat for wildlife.

· Students in grades 2-5 in Northfield are invited to submit posters with the theme “Be the Solution to Stormwater Pollution” each Spring. This year’s Poster Contest winners are displayed on our website as well as in Northfield’s City Hall – get in touch with to participate next Spring!

· Storm drain stenciling with the message “Do Not Dump – Drains to River/Lake” raises the awareness about the area watershed to both the volunteers who participate in the stenciling activity and to those that notice the wording throughout the year. Contact to reserve the stenciling supplies!

Kathleen Shea’s St. Olaf Student Naturalists

· Our annual watershed-wide cleanup engages people of all ages across the watershed to pull trash and debris from the rivers and lakes in a community day of service. Local residents have a chance to get up close and personal with the water in their area and leave with a sense of accomplishment having done something tangible to improve water quality. Save the date for the 9th annual Watershed Wide Cleanup on Saturday September 16th, 2017!

· Become a Master Water Steward!  CRWP and the Freshwater Society host  evening (and occasional Saturday) classes for residents in the Cannon River Watershed to learn more about what we can do in our own communities to increase the quality and decrease the quantity of stormwater runoff after rain events.  Attend an Informational Meeting on Tuesday July 18th at Just Food Co-op in Northfield or on Tuesday September 26th  at Faribault Park & Rec.  (See CRWP calendar for more details)


· Connect with us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or our Website to keep up-to-date with what we’re doing and join our e-mail list to receive CRWP’s monthly e-newsletter the Cannon Currents