What a Dollar Can Do

What Can A Dollar Do For Clean Water?

$ 50
Gives the opportunity for a class of school children to learn about the Cannon River watershed , the water cycle, and how they can help keep the water clean.

Hosts a rain barrel building workshop where members of the community learn about water conservation, get to assemble their own 55-gallon plastic rain barrels and head home ready to conserve water while they care for their gardens.

Monitors a lake for one season (May – September) to help understand the conditions of the water and guide actions to improve or protect the lake.

Supports coordination and supplies for one site for the Annual Watershed Wide River Cleanup event.  This cross-community event has removed tons of trash from the Cannon and Straight Rivers while helping to build a sense of pride and ownership in the volunteers who do the heavy lifting.

Pays CRWP’s office rent and utilities for one month.  Having a place to call home, heat and electricity helps the staff do their work for clean water.