Why I Give

Clean water is vital to our lives. Without it we can’t physically survive.  It also provides us with recreation, enjoyment and nourishes our souls.  CRWP and our partners work hard for clean water.  We couldn’t do it without financial support.

Here are a few examples from our members and friends as to why they give their support to CRWP.

I’m a drinker – of water, that is! And as such, water quality is of great importance to me. CRWP, in collaboration with other agencies, is hard at work protecting and improving water quality in our region. Over the past several years, for example, there are more mussel species in the Cannon, a reflection of the improved conditions there. Diverse plant and animal life indicate healthy ecosystems, and I am glad to be able to contribute to this effort. CRWP deserves the support of all who care about a vibrant natural community, and of all who drink water! ~ Jan Mitchell

I enjoy contributing to worthwhile organizations and have been interested for many years in improving the environment which includes clean water.  I have met some of the employees and they are very dedicated.  Also, I read the names of the Board of Directors and was impressed with their leadership.  Please consider making a donation to CRWP. ~ Richard J. Carlander

In return for the pleasures I have had on the river, in the river, or muddling along its banks, I feel obligated to support the Cannon River Watershed Partnership. No matter how much one values the river, it is difficult, I would say impossible, to ensure the well-being of the waters and the watershed on one’s own. The CRWP removes the barriers between one’s self and others and makes it possible to get at needed actions, such as improving water quality and protecting habitat for the many small and secret creatures that make a living in the river. I can’t help thinking of the tropically-colored Rubyspot Damselflies that add a touch of elegance to the river banks in summer and the Elusive Clubtails, blue-eyed dragonflies that fly so invisibly between shadow and silver spilling water—each have been a part of the Cannon River ecosystem for thousands of years. ~ Scott King

I give because there is no organization more worthy of my support.  It protects from degradation  the Cannon River watershed, the river itself, its lakes, streams, wetlands. The natural features which make life here not only possible but productive and gratifying.  Citizens need clean water in lakes and streams; CRWP helps clean them up.  Cities, towns, the smallest villages, all must have pure water and proper sewage systems.  CRWP’s hard work and expertise helped the inhabitants, of Veseli, Hope, and other villages obtain water/sewage systems which had seemed to be beyond their reach.  You couldn’t give to an organization that does more to retain quality of life right here than the Cannon River Watershed Partnership. ~ Brynhild Rowberg

As a farm family, we value stewardship of the land and we value CRWP programs that monitor how well landowners are protecting rivers, lakes, wetlands and ground water.  As paddlers, critter watchers, hikers and bikers, we greatly appreciate the recreational opportunities afforded by our local wild and scenic river, and we greatly appreciate the CRWP’s role in protecting and improving the Cannon River.  As a couple, we met 39 years ago on a canoe trip down the Cannon. As citizens, we realize that state and federal grants must be leveraged with local funding and sweat equity.  Grants go to communities that care enough to open their wallets and grab a shovel (or t-tube in our case).  As volunteers, we give our time because, hey, working on a stream beats sitting at a meeting any day!  ~ Cathy Larson and Steve Albers