Rain Gardens

2007 Best Residential Raingarden Award photo by Lori Anderson
2007 Best Residential Raingarden Award photo by Lori Anderson

Rain Gardens in Our Community

Rain garden help promote water infiltration into the ground and soil rather than allow runoff. This helps prevents things like fertilizers, pesticides, and grass clippings from getting into our storm sewers and reaching our lakes and rivers. Rain gardens are typically planted with deep-rooted native plants near a typical runoff source, such as a downspout driveway, or street edge. They also help reduce the amount of water that flows into our water bodies and can reduce flooding.

CRWP will host a Rain Garden workshop as part of the Northfield Earth Day Celebration from 1:30-2:30pm on Saturday April 22nd.  Sign up will be through their page- click this link to register!

Gardening for Pollinators and Clean Water

Join the Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) for a FREE introductory workshop!  Learn the effects of stormwater runoff on water quality, the benefits of rain gardens for water quality and pollinators and important steps you need to know to begin the process of designing and istalling your very own garden. Participants will also learn about the City of Northfield’s cost-share program for installing a rain garden. An optional $15 book will be available for purchase after the workshop.

way park rain garden

Here’s a great video with a quick overview of a rain garden installation!

There are many organizations that can help you design and plant a rain garden: