Jack Petersen is Doing HIS Thing for Clean Water!

Jack is 16-year-old sophomore at Northfield High School. His long-term goals are to become a DNR environmentalist, with his sights set on Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin. He is doing something unique to benefit the Cannon River Watershed:Jack Peterson with Common Carp

“I own a Bear Archery Bow (Blackbear) and have an AMS Pro Retriever on my bow. My targets are Common Carp from 3 lbs. to 30 lbs. or more. Shooting off the bridge in downtown Northfield, I am accurate up to 30 yards.

“I use AMS arrows with a 200 lb. dacron line to ensure that no fish will break off. When I catch a fish, I either bag it and dispose of it or quite often the Hmong fishermen ask to have them.

“I have bow-fished the Cannon since 2012, harvesting over 100 Common Carp, helping to reduce the damage caused by this invasive species and reducing their numbers.”