Greanleafton is Complete

Greenleafton Project is Now Online!

A 34-home sewer system is now on-line for the community of Greenleafton in central Fillmore County. Twelve homes are served by individual grinder pumps and the remaining twenty-two homes have a gravity flow collection system that has two lift stations bringing that sewage to the drainfield site. A cluster in-ground drainfield is the final treatment site after sewage passes through the septic tanks, a pre-treatment system, and a chlorination/dechlorination system. The drainfield has a pressure distribution system.


The new system is owned by Fillmore County with a Subordinate Service District formed so that only those properties that are benefitting from the system will be paying for the system. The funding package includes grants and a loan from the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority. The grant portion covered approximately 80% of the cost of the new system with approximately $5,000 being the homeowner’s responsibility. This cost is payable to Fillmore County with the loan at 3% interest and a 20-year payback. Yearly operation cost is currently at $482.38 per property.

All connections were made by mid-July 2015 with the final inspection recently completed.Landscaping will be completed this fall and in spring of 2016.

Sheila Craig, Community Facilitator

CRWP Greanleafton Sewer Project Initiated November 2014

On Monday, November 3rd the community of Greenleafton in Fillmore County began construction on a new sewer system. CRWP staff person Sheila Craig has been assisting Greenleafton since 2009. The project will serve 36 residential homes with a community in-ground drainfield.  The collection system will be part low pressure and part gravity.  The drainfield is being constructed this fall with beginning work on the collection system as weather permits.  They plan to install grinder pumps and manholes this fall with actual connections and decommissioning of old tanks and drainfields being finalized next spring. The Greenleafton sewer system will be owned by Fillmore County. The County is also assisting the community by handling the grants and loans for the project.

Pictures courtesy of Chris Graves, Fillmore County Zoning Administrator