Cedar Beach Construction Begins

Construction of a 23-home shared cluster system for residents of Cedar Beach started the end of July and is scheduled to be completed before winter.  Cedar Beach is a sub-division in Oronoco Township, Olmsted County and lies along the shores of Lake Zumbro.  The area was identified through an Olmsted/Wabasha County survey of properties touching Lake Zumbro which found some septic systems with straight pipes and others in need of updating how wastewater was being handled.

The area has been formed into a Subordinate Service District where only the properties benefiting from the improvements will be paying for the costs of the upgrades.  Grants and loan assistance will come from the Land & Legacy Funds through the MN Public Facilities Authority.

Oronoco Township is providing the governmental oversight for the project and will own and manage the sewer system for their residents.

The new sewer system will include a grinder pump at each home, a collection system, septic tanks with pre-treatment, and a mound treatment site.  Pre-treatment will help reduce the size of the mound.  Construction work is scheduled for completion the end of October.