At their most recent board meeting, Le Sueur County commissioners approved moving forward with two projects that will improve water quality in five watershed lakes. The commissioners set a public hearing for the West Jefferson Sewer Project to Cleveland. CRWP has been assisting with the project since last November and recently helped the County secure a 50% grant to lower the estimated cost for the 140 participating property owners from $34,000 to $15,000 to $20,000. The West Jefferson project is moving forward quickly and is on track to start construction next summer. For more information about the project, CLICK HERE for a newspaper article from the Mankato Free Press.

The second project the Commissioners approved is a septic inventory on Lake Francis, Ray’s Lake, Lake Tetonka, and Lake Sakatah. The inventory will require inspections of all the septic systems within 350 feet of the lake that have not been inspected since 2011. It is estimated that about 200 septic systems will be inspected. Septic systems that are found to be noncompliant will need to be upgraded by 2022. While septic systems are not the main source of nutrients to these lakes, they do contribute. Overall, this project is an important step in efforts to improve water quality in the fives lakes. For more details on the project, CLICK HERE for an article from the Le Sueur News Herald.