Over the past two months, with assistance from CRWP, West Jefferson Lake property owners and Le Sueur County officials have been busy with a series of steps to keep the West Jefferson Lake Sewer Project on track to start construction this summer (2017). The West Jefferson Lake sewer project will construct a sewer line from West Jefferson Lake to the City of Cleveland. Cleveland will provide sewage treatment using its existing municipal system for up to 140 properties on West Jefferson Lake.

Property owners who would like to participate in the project, which is voluntary, have been signing petition forms to be included in a new sewer district created by Le Sueur County to finance and manage the West Jefferson Lake sewer system. By the January deadline, 111 properties had signed petitions and these properties were included in the new sewer district by the Le Sueur County Board of Commissioners at a public hearing on January 17th. Property owners can still sign up for the project up until the maximum number of properties, 140, is reached.

Click here for a Le Sueur News Herald article on the project’s progress over the last two months. 

Over the next couple months, engineering design and permitting with Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will be completed as well as an ordinance to govern the new sewer district and an interconnection agreement with the City of Cleveland.

Properties participating in West Jefferson Lake Sewer Project are shown in pink and orange on the map.