25by25photo3Governor Dayton’s first “25 by 25” Clean Water Meeting packed the house at the Heinz Center in Rochester on the night of Monday July 31st.

​The goal of these meetings is to come up with ideas that can help Minnesota’s government agencies, nonprofit groups, and communities achieve a 25% reduction in water pollution by 2025. If current trends continue, we are only on track to see a 6% reduction in polltion by 2034. And in southern Minnesota rivers are actually getting more, not less polluted over the past decade.

Almost 300 residents, farmers, city people, business people, educators, and conservationists filled the hall to discuss the biggest challenges faceing clean water (drinking water, rivers, lakes, and streams) in Minnesota. Groups discussed their ideas at their own tables and uploaded their best ideas to an online website.

According to event organizers, the governor’s office will use the input from these meetings to craft the clean water initiatives Minnesota needs to clean up the 40% of our rivers and lakes in the state that remain polluted from human activity.

This is just the first of 10 community clean water meetings. To learn more about this initiative, visit:

If you couldn’t get to this meeting, you’re still in luck!. The Cannon River Watershed Partnership will be hosting a “Cannon River 25 by 25” Clean Water Meeting soon. We’ll be using the same materials as the governor’s meetings and uploading our creative and groundbreaking clean water ideas to the same state-wide website.