Randolph Awarded $60,000 Technical Assistance Grant

By: Hailey Gorman, Northern Community Facilitator, December 28th 2017

The City of Randolph, located in Southern Dakota County near Lake Byllesby, has been exploring various sewer system options since 2015. Their search for the best wastewater solution continues in having received a $60,000 Technical Assistance Grant from the Public Facilities Authority in November 2017. With this grant money the City has been able to receive a Community Assessment Report (CAR) free of charge from Wenck Associates, Inc. The CAR focuses on the need of upgrading septic systems, as well as cost effective alternatives to regionalization. In the end, this CAR will provide analysis of all potential solutions with cost estimates and public financing implications. The CAR will also identify future ISTS types that individual properties can support. Site evaluations have been completed, and by spring Wenck will be ready to present septic recommendations to the Randolph community, bringing them one step closer to complete septic compliance.