Wastewater Advancements Being Made in Cedar Lake

By: Hailey Gorman, Northern Community Facilitator  January 9th, 2018

In the summer of 2017, a handful of Cedar Lake residents approached CRWP for assistance in exploring sewer options. Cedar Lake is an impaired water located in the Southwest corner of Rice County. Rice County has partnered with CRWP before, in creating a successful wastewater project for residents around Roberds Lake, which served as a source of inspiration for Cedar Lake residents. Two community meetings have taken place for Cedar Lake residents, with a total of 25 community members in attendance. This interest brought Rice County and CRWP to apply to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s 2019 Project Priority List (PPL). All PPL applications are due in early March, with an anticipated posting date in September 2018. Once a project is listed on the PPL future funding can be made available through various Public Facilities Authority programs, like the Small Community Wastewater Treatment program, or the Point Source Implementation Grant.