Dresbach New Sewer Challenges Continue

By: Sheila Craig, Southern Community Facilitator, January 2, 2018

Many, many options have been considered for new sewage treatment by this 78 home and business Subordinate Service District (SSD). The latest attempt to move the project forward has been the selection of a new engineer through a RFP process. WENCK has been selected and is trying to meet the March 3 state deadline for updating the facility plan. Options still under consideration are annexing to the City of La Crescent, building a new sewer plant on a site currently owned by MnDOT, or continuing with individual septic systems for each property.

Funding to-date has included a Small Communities Technical Assistance Grant for doing a Community Assessment Report, a Minnesota Rural Water Loan, and Township general funds. The loan is now due and being assessed to the property owners. The previous loan was when Dresbach was working with the City of Dakota to build a joint treatment plant. However, Dakota withdrew from the project and Dresbach has been trying to move forward on-their-own. The original loan was for $214,000, plus costs incurred in the interim have resulted in $302,000 to be paid back to Dresbach Township by the SSD. In order to continue seeking a community solution funds were needed for new engineering costs and they have allotted $200,000 for this endeavor. The resulting amount needing to be paid back to the Township is $502,000 plus interest over 10 years. If the project does move forward and state funding is obtained, some of these costs may be covered by grant funds.