Ryan’s Bay Just Beginning

By: Sheila Craig, Southern Community Facilitator, January 2, 2018

Zumbro Township, Wabasha County, will be supporting their first sewer project. Located just next door to Sunset Bay, but in a different Township and a different County, the Ryan’s Bay project will include 83 residential properties. Also located on Lake Zumbro, the area has very small lots that originally were cabins on the Lake, but now have become year-round homes.

Zumbro Township first applied to get on the state’s Project Priority List and since applied for the Small Community Technical Assistance Grant. This grant provides funds to do a Community Assessment Report to study options for future upgraded treatment of their sewage. They were awarded this grant and hired WENCK to prepare the report. The data collection and site evaluations have been completed. The Report, now in the analysis stage, will then be sent to MPCA for approval prior to being shared with the property owners.

A unique aspect of this project is that it may be able to share a treatment site with the Sunset Bay project. There is a 13 area field that is for sale that could be used for a sewage treatment area to serve both projects.

If a community option is selected, applications will be prepared in summer 2018 for construction in 2019.