Turtle Creek 1 Project Completed

By: Sheila Craig, Southern Community Facilitator, January 2, 2018

Construction began in September, 2015 on new sewer (and water) lines to service 27 homes and 1 church west of the City of Austin along Turtle Creek. The area was originally part of Austin Township and was annexed to the City of Austin, January 1, 2014.

The project originated from the Cedar River Inventory completed in 2010 by Mower County. Seventeen homes in the area were found to have untreated sewage discharging to a ditch and eventually to Turtle Creek. Southeast MN Wastewater Initiative Southern Facilitator, Sheila Craig worked with the residents to explore solutions and funding opportunities. Ultimately, the community decided to be annexed by the City of Austin and receive sewage treatment from the City.

The cost of the sewer project was $1,177,711.62 with 42% being covered by a Point Source Implementation Grant through the MN Public Facilities Authority using Land and Legacy funding. The remainder of the costs were borne by the 28 property owners with each being assessed at $19,013.38 payable over 10 years plus 4.5% interest.