In the next few months, you’ll probably see our “Water Matters” Clean Water Education Banners at your local library, church, business, or community center. The development and printing of these four 33″x 80″ pop-up banners was funded by the Xcel Energy Foundation.

CRWP staff, working with local farmers, SWCD staff, MPCA staff, and Minnesota Extension Staff developed these banners to educate the public about what clean water looks like, what challenges our rivers and lakes are facing in the region, and what we all can do as individuals and as groups to clean up and protect our rivers and lakes.

CRWP used another portion of this same grant to research and plan for a Cannon River Water Festival in the summer of 2019. This family-friendly day-long activity will be a fun way to learn about water next summer.

Thank you Xcel Energy Foundation!