Northfield Rain Garden Workshop

March 18, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Free-Plant a RainGarden Workshop (In Person Class)

Thursday, Mar. 18, 6:00-900 pm

Northfield Community Education,Northfield High School, H124

Free class! City rain gardens withtheir native plants beautify your lawn while also capturing and cleaning stormwaterbefore it enters our rivers and lakes. What’s more, the City of Northfield andDakota County will reimburse homeowners for part of the cost of installing arain garden. Join Cannon River Watershed Partnership (CRWP) and City ofNorthfield staff to learn about the benefits of rain gardens, and how to planand install your own rain garden. You’ll learn where to put a rain garden, howto choose the right plants, and what city and county cost-share programs existto help you pay for the rain garden. Please bring your questions, your ideas,and your face masks to this in-person class. This class is sponsored by theCity of Northfield.


Or visit the Northfield Community Education websiteand search for “rain garden”